COVID-19 and SMSF Property Valuations


Given the greater degree of uncertainty and subjectivity involved in determining market values in a COVID-19 environment and the additional risk of misstatement; all trustees will be required to have valuations done with supporting data on any property they hold in their SMSF with a valuation date of 30 June 2020 (unless a recent valuation [...]

COVID-19 – Accessing your superannuation early

2020-09-14T15:33:50+10:00COVID-19, Superannuation|

You may be aware that the Government recently announced measures which allow individuals affected by the economic impacts of COVID-19 to access a limited amount of their superannuation early. Making the decision to access your superannuation early is a significant one and if possible, should be encompassed by financial advice. The Australian Taxation Office have [...]

COVID-19 – Providing rental relief for the tenant in my SMSF property

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The economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis are causing significant financial distress for many businesses and individuals. If your SMSF has a property and a tenant in financial distress, you may be able to provide your tenant with rental relief under an agreed commercial arrangement. This may even be the case when the tenant is [...]

Highlights from the Investment Trends 2019 SMSF Survey


Earlier this year BISSuper had the pleasure of taking part in the Investment Trends “2019 Self Managed Super Fund Survey”. The survey primarily examined the roles played by accountants and planners in assisting Trustees to manage their SMSF’s. A number of interesting statistics were also uncovered which demonstrate that the popularity of SMSF’s doesn’t appear [...]

IPS – Investor Policy Statements = Investment Strategies


“Does your SMSF currently only have single major asset? If so, you may be in the sights of the ATO. Their rationale is that a single asset SMSF may be too risky, having all of your “eggs in one basket”, and therefore not sufficiently diversified! It is not going to be news to anybody, but [...]